Dynamics CRM Common Workflow Activities Library

Hi ,

You can now download the Common Workflow Activities Library and save time by not implementing components repeatedly in each project such as

  • Apply Routing Rules
  • Share Record With Team
  • Check If User is in Role
  • Check If User is in Team

Download Link : https://msdyncrmworkflowtools.codeplex.com/

Dynamcis CRM Execute Sync Workflows In Order

Scenario & Problem:

I was performing an upgrade to CRM 2016 and one of the customer requirement was to convert all plugins to run time

workflows,multiple plugins were registered for the same event on the same entity by benefiting from execution order feature in

plugin which doesn't exist in run time workflows.



let's say you have 2 WFs,

  • configure the second to be called on demand

  • call it from the first after finalizing all the logic